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December 30th, 2004

09:33 pm - Character Development From Robert McKee in Story
Orli's writer sends this:

"Here lemme write a bit from this character section I find interesting for CS (Cinema Studies):
Robert McKee writes:
Read more...Collapse )
With gratitude to Claire, and to Robert McKee.

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03:14 am - Wikipedia: the free encyclopedia
Fun to search through, but since anyone can edit it; I would take the truth lightly.


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December 25th, 2004

12:00 pm - Welcome to the library:please join so you can use it
Hey, welcome.

Being a bit of a reference and information nerd, I decided to set up the library while we wait for a librarian. I know some of the campers have been working with the books, getting them on the shelves, and I want to acknowledge that publicly. Good Job!!!

Actual titles are in the Memories for this community.
It's moderated so that only we campers can use it-that way you can post things that you may not want popping up on Google accidentally.

You can post titles to add here, comment on readings, leave requests for information. I'll moderate until we get a librarian. Posts that aren't really library material will be returned to the postee with a suggestion for camp, occ_camp or personal journal reposting. This is an articulate, passionate, concerned community, no matter how pained and confused and damaged our characters are, and the collective wisdom will be available to all of us this way.

Rock on, Campers, Rock on.

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